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песни семена слепакова про отца Today father Onufry

Consecrated the Bugatti Veyron.

Such luxury automobile

He had never seen before.

He sanctified Maserati,

He sanctified Porsche,

But only the Bugatti

Made him feel something special…


He multiplied car weight

To its horsepower strength,

Then added on top of that

The price of incense and candles,

He asked for such a labor

Fifteen thousand USD,

Saying that for less money

You cannot consecrate thee.


In front of this wonderful sports car

He prayed for whole day,

And on the glove box he fixed

Ten icons of Agnus Dei.

Sitting In white interior

Onufry sang a long psalm,

To make the One from Inferno

Unable to do any harm.


Actively waving a censer,

He rescued the coupe from being strayed.

For brake pads he shouted seven

Of his most powerful prayers.

For safety of spoiler and windows,

Park sensors, and paint in and out

Two days in a row on his knees

He beat his forehead on the ground.


For the on-board computer

Front chassis – he said, it’s a must –

Whole week father Onufry

Was keeping the strictest fast.

To provide that in heat and in cold

The A/C will be working well,

He begged the Lord to be honest

And watch for that by himself…


At last, his labor was finished,

Car ran away after all,

But exactly in one minute

Bugatti crashed into a pole.

Onufry was praying precisely

But he didn’t get one thing:

No prayer can ever save you,

If the driver is drunk like shit!


Thanks God, the driver survived

With couple scratches, that’s all.

But father Onufry suffered

Excommunication from church.

It came from the Top: “Onufry,

You used the right approach,

But having such a reputation

You can’t work in our Church."


Father Onufry got it:

He wasn’t made for the hood.

And now the Father Onufry

Is starring in Hollywood.

He is incredibly famous,

He’s demanded, he’s going on,

And everything looks like some day he

Will buy a Bugatti Veyron.


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Песни семена слепакова про отца Песни семена слепакова про отца Песни семена слепакова про отца
Песни семена слепакова про отца

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